Sunday, July 19, 2009

Gang of Sickos: Frenemies of Health Care Reform

This "bipartisan" groups of six senators have issued a demand for a slowdown of the health care reform process. While claiming to be heeding the wishes of their constituents, they are in fact doing the bidding of their benefactors in the health insurance and pharmaceutical industries.

Below is the article exposing all this, plus the list of senators and their industry contributions. Hopefully shining some light on these sickos will take some wind out of their sails. The article also lists contact information for these senators, for what that's worth.
  1. Ben Nelson (D) Nebraska $2.2 million
  2. Mary Landieu (D) Louisiana $1.6 million
  3. Ron Wyden (D) Oregon $1.4 million
  4. Joe Lieberman (I) Connecticut $3.6 million
  5. Olympia Snowe (R) Maine $1.1 million
  6. Susan Collons (R) Maine $1.6 million
Can anyone be surprised by the appearance of Joe "Sleazebag" Lieberman on this list? I am however shocked to see Ron Wyden, who I thought was a very progressive guy.

While the appearance of a "public option" in the House and Senate health care bills is somewhat of a relief, I wouldn't bet against the whole thing being stopped in its track by groups like the above. Or worse, neutralized by bazillion amendments that will keep us locked into the current system forever.

By far the simplest and least expensive option for health care reform would be
  • extend Medicare to everyone - it's already covering the elderly, who are by far the most expensive health demographic
  • undo the Bush drug non-benefit and insurance leeches (Medicare middlemen) additions
If you aren't angry about the health care situation in America, or your anger has cooled a bit, go watch Sicko online now. And tell your friends.


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