Saturday, August 12, 2006

Kate Bush - Aerial

This is my favorite CD.

My previous exposure to Kate Bush was her contribution to Peter Gabriel's Don't Give Up.

I know, I know, Kate Bush has been a phenomenon ever since her debut in 1978. But it wasn't until the VH1 guy on CBS Sunday Morning gushed over Aerial that I took the plunge.

Wow, what a record! It starts out with King of the Mountain, which I didn't know until later was a tome about Elvis (and I hadn't taken the cue of her slurring her words like The King).

why does a multi-millionaire
fill up his home with priceless junk?
the wind is whistling through the house

How to Be Invisible is another great track. There is so much ambience and presence to the music, you're just set up to be swept into her words.

take a pinch of keyhole
fold yourself up
cut along the dotted line
you think inside out
you're invisible..

The second CD (what, I didn't mention it's a double album?) is all of one piece, a glorious celebration of sky and its inhabitants. From Sunset to Somewhere In Between with a touch of Kate doing a chirping duo with an Aerial Tal, you are simply and utterly transported to another world.

somewhere in between the waxing and waning wave
somewhere in between the night and the daylight
somewhere in between the ticking and the tocking clock
somewhere in between what the song and the silence say
somewhere in between breathing out and breathing in


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